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Current Projects

As an Educational Psychologist I worked in the public sector for 12 years (2003-2015). My independent work has been in operation since 2009, and I now work full-time delivering my private practice.


I am greatly enjoying my work which is developing into many interesting areas.  Current purrent projects include:


  • Developing an ethically-led dyslexia assessment project, including professional supervision and subject specific professional development (

  • Addressing the needs of international schools in a number of countries.

  • Providing professional supervision to other chartered psychologists both locally and internationally.

  • Maintaining a professional supervision group of educational psychologists in private practice within South Wales.

  • Assessment and consultation work within the UK state school and independent school sectors.

  • Locum work to local education authorities.

  • Diagnostic dyslexia assessment for company employees.

  • Providing support and guidance to television and film companies working with child actors, including on-set support.


Private practice is an exciting and rewarding professional opportunity, and I welcome contact from other educational psychologists looking to diversify their work or to share good practice.  I also recognise the valuable work of my colleagues within the public sector, where I worked for many years.  The vision for my business is to develop the ethical and social responsibilities of private sector work, ensuring that clients receive value for money and that the reputation of private practitioners with whom I work is first-rate.



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