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ducational Psychologist Cardiff.
Costs can vary depending on the amount of work required, although the fee will always be agreed upon with the client prior to work commencing.

Full assessment and report starts at £600, depending on urgency/ timescale - contact me for exact costings.


For this fee you can expect a full assessment including, for example, behavioural/ learning questionnaires, a cognitive assessment and literacy/ numeracy assessment.  You will then be provided with a full and detailed written report within 2 weeks of the assessment.

This fee includes travel to the client's home, if within 10 miles of Cardiff (please contact if you live further afield for small travel charge).


The fee is due on the day of the assessment.  I prefer bank transfer, but also accept cash or cheque.

There is no additional charge for VAT.

Appointments are 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Some evening and weekend appointments are available for £100 surcharge.

Educational Psychologist Cardiff South Wales
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