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                   Ethical and social principles



I operate an ethical and socially conscious private practice.  This currently includes:

  • Checking that clients are aware that EP services might be available to them through their Local Authority, in the first instance.

  • Ensuring that work taken on is well within my professional remit and expertise - making it clear to clients when alternative professionals may be better suited to help.

  • Keeping an open mind to the benefits of both private and state education.

  • Ensuring that my services are not only available to families who find it easier to afford e.g. I offer a 10-15% discount when parents are not currently employed or in financial hardship.

  • Writing reports which are independent and generated through evidence-based practice.

  • Abiding by legal and professional guidelines including GDPR data-protection legislation: my GDPR policy can be found here:


Educational Psychologist Cardiff South Wales
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